Kim Jong Un Urges North Korea's Readiness for Intensified US-Led Invasion Threats

Kim Jong Un has urged his military to remain prepared for combat to counter perceived hostile intentions from other nations, according to reports from state media. This follows a trilateral naval exercise involving the US, South Korea, and Japan in the waters around the Korean Peninsula. In addition, both the US and South Korea have been conducting separate summer bilateral exercises since the previous week.

During a speech commemorating Navy Day, Kim Jong Un asserted that the waters near the Korean Peninsula have become unstable due to what he referred to as the risk of a nuclear conflict, attributing this instability to antagonistic actions led by the US. He accused the US of intensifying naval drills alongside its allies and deploying strategic assets in the vicinity of the peninsula.

Kim Jong Un labeled the leaders of the US, South Korea, and Japan as “the gang bosses” of their respective countries. He emphasized that the current circumstances demand a heightened state of readiness within the North Korean navy to maintain constant combat preparedness. He emphasized the necessity of being prepared to deter any enemy will for warfare in possible contingencies.

The use of strong language by Kim Jong Un against the leaders of South Korea, the US, and Japan led to a response from South Korea, expressing disappointment over the use of derogatory terms. The South Korean government urged North Korea to cease actions that escalate tensions through aggressive threats and provocations.

North Korea’s recent attempt to launch a spy satellite into space ended in failure. Notably, North Korea has conducted over 100 weapons tests since the start of 2022, including trials involving nuclear-capable missiles. Experts have raised concerns that Kim Jong Un’s end goal is to leverage the country’s bolstered military capabilities to gain concessions from the US.

During the Navy Day address, Kim Jong Un revealed plans to equip military units with new weaponry, aligning with the government’s decision to expand the deployment of tactical nuclear arms. He indicated that the navy would play a role in the nation’s strategic nuclear deterrence, emphasizing its responsibility in carrying out this duty.

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