The Equalizer 3 Review: Denzel Washington's Italian Vigilante Adventure

“The Equalizer 3” takes us on a thrilling journey through the heart of Italy as Denzel Washington reprises his role as the iconic vigilante hero, Robert McCall. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, this third installment of the series delivers a visual spectacle that immerses us in the picturesque landscapes of Italy and the gritty world of organized crime. Join us as we explore the blood-soaked cobblestone streets, the allure of Altomonte, and Washington’s captivating performance in this action-packed film.

Exploring Italy’s Visual Drama:

Antoine Fuqua and cinematographer Robert Richardson have skillfully crafted a cinematic masterpiece that draws inspiration from Italian gangster movies. The film’s compositions are adorned with religious iconography, Baroque details, and the labyrinthine charm of medieval alleys. Amidst these stunning visuals, the filmmakers manage to create a unique atmosphere by desaturating the color palette, giving the seaside town of Positano an eerie and captivating allure.

Altomonte: A Familiar Yet Enigmatic Setting:

While Positano serves as the backdrop for the film, it is transformed into the fictional village of Altomonte. The decision to rename this iconic destination remains a mystery, mirroring the enigmatic nature of “The Equalizer 3.” Nevertheless, Altomonte becomes the battleground where Robert McCall confronts a menacing Camorra gang threatening the peaceful village life, making it a central setting for the film’s dramatic clashes.

Action and Intrigue Take Center Stage:

“The Equalizer” series has never been known for its intricate storytelling, and the third installment maintains this tradition. The film dives right into the action, with Robert McCall already embroiled in a violent confrontation at a Sicilian winery. As the plot unfolds, we witness McCall’s unrelenting pursuit of justice, marked by intense combat scenes, menacing threats, and thought-provoking reflections on morality. The storyline, while minimalistic, serves as a backdrop to the film’s true strengths.

Denzel Washington’s Captivating Performance:

Denzel Washington shines in “The Equalizer 3,” reminding us why he is a Hollywood legend. His portrayal of Robert McCall is nothing short of captivating, as he seamlessly transitions between quiet intimidation and charismatic charm. His chemistry with Dakota Fanning, reprising her role as a CIA agent, adds depth to the narrative. Although Fanning’s storyline could be considered secondary, their on-screen reunion is a treat for fans of their previous collaboration in “Man on Fire.”

Operatic Style and Pulp Poetics:

Director Antoine Fuqua infuses “The Equalizer 3” with operatic flair and pulp poetics. The film’s plot may appear loosely structured, resembling a floppy spaghetti noodle, but it excels at delivering a purely impressionistic experience. Fuqua and Washington invite the audience to embrace the adrenaline rush of McCall’s vengeance, painting a vivid picture of a hero taking on the darkest of adversaries.

Conclusion: In “The Equalizer 3,” Denzel Washington’s magnetic performance, combined with Italy’s mesmerizing backdrop, creates an action-packed adventure that doesn’t rely on a complex narrative. Instead, it invites viewers to savor the thrill of justice served with a side of Italian charm. As Robert McCall inflicts terror and mayhem on his foes, sometimes that’s all we need for an exhilarating cinematic experience.

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