Extension of Flood Warning for Certain Counties; Evaluation of Damage Set for Tuesday in Kanawha

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WCHS) — UPDATE – 8:28 PM, August 28th, 2023

The flood warning covering Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, and Roane counties has once again been extended, now lasting until 9:30 PM on Monday.

The extension comes as the National Weather Service observes ongoing flooding in communities such as Orma and Chloe.

In contrast, the flood warning for Kanawha County has expired. Officials from the county, along with state emergency management and the West Virginia National Guard, are scheduled to initiate flood damage assessments starting at 7:30 AM on Tuesday.

For immediate shelter needs, individuals can find refuge at Witcher Baptist Church located at 2204 East DuPont Avenue in Belle, as directed by Kanawha County officials.

UPDATE – 3:55 PM, August 28th, 2023

The flood warning that affected Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, and Roane counties will remain in place until 7:30 PM on Monday.

Similarly, the National Weather Service has extended the flood warning for Kanawha County until 4:45 PM. Despite the cessation of rain, authorities anticipate water levels in streams and creeks to increase or flood due to runoff from prior rainfall.

Damage assessment procedures for Kanawha County are set to commence at 7:30 AM on Tuesday.

Officials from Kanawha County Homeland Security Emergency Management, state emergency management, and the West Virginia National Guard will be on-site in affected communities to conduct evaluations.

UPDATE – 1:40 PM, August 28th, 2023

A flood warning has superseded a flash flood warning in Kanawha and Boone counties on Monday.

This flood warning will be in effect until 4:00 PM, according to the National Weather Service.

Anticipated flooding of streams and creeks continues following several inches of rain earlier in the day.

Motorists are advised to avoid driving through areas with high water and to exercise caution in flood-prone regions.

UPDATE – 11:30 AM, August 28th, 2023

Extension of Flood Warning for Certain Counties; Evaluation of Damage Set for Tuesday in Kanawha

The flash flood warning for Kanawha County has been extended until 2:00 PM on Monday.

Originally confined to central Kanawha County, this warning now includes areas like Chesapeake, Marmet, Belle, Cedar Grove, East Bank, and Glasgow. The extension follows substantial rain totaling up to six inches in the area on Monday morning.

Though the rain has ceased, the impact of runoff is expected to sustain elevated water levels.

Additionally, a flash flood warning persists for southeastern Boone County until 1:15 PM.

Reports indicate that over 700 emergency calls have been received by Kanawha County dispatchers due to the flooding witnessed on Monday morning.

UPDATE – 9:45 AM, August 28th, 2023

Residences in eastern parts of Kanawha County are urged to evacuate on Monday due to flash flooding.

Those living from Sharon to Cabin Creek, as well as those in low-lying regions, are advised to relocate to higher ground for safety, according to West Virginia State Police.

The evacuation is prompted by significant rainfall during the morning hours, posing potential dangers to flood-prone areas. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has declared a state of emergency for Kanawha, Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, and Roane counties, citing excessive weekend and Monday morning rainfall.

Emergency assets from the West Virginia National Guard, including swift water rescue teams, are on standby for dispatch.

Kanawha County dispatchers have already responded to at least 15 water rescues by 11:00 AM on Monday.

Highway crews from the West Virginia Division of Highways are actively addressing the aftermath of heavy rain in the affected counties, dealing with mudslides, culvert clearances, and damage assessments.

Mudslides have led to road closures, such as both lanes of U.S. 60 in Belle and a lane closure on the West Virginia Turnpike near Chelyan.

The state of emergency is slated to remain active for 30 days unless formally concluded by future proclamation.

Several schools in Boone County have remained closed due to flooding, including Sherman High School, Sherman Jr. High School, Whitesville Elementary School, Ashford-Rumble Elementary School, and Sherman Elementary School.

Buses are coordinating student returns home, with some temporarily housed at Sherman Jr. and High Schools until water recedes.

UPDATE – 9:00 AM, August 28th, 2023

The Kanawha County Commission has declared a state of emergency due to ongoing flash flooding in the area.

This action comes in response to a “life-threatening flash flood warning” issued by the National Weather Service. Individuals in the affected regions are urged to seek higher ground.

Flash flood warnings also apply to Clendenin and Elkview areas but are not considered life-threatening.

Early reports indicate several water rescues, including one involving a dog saved from high water in eastern Kanawha County.

As part of the emergency declaration, the county’s emergency operations center has been activated.

Meteorologists highlight that this region experienced heavy rain on Saturday night as well.

Additional flash flood warnings encompass parts of Roane, Boone, Braxton, Calhoun, and Clay counties until 12:30 PM.

Furthermore, a flash flood warning persists for central Kanawha County until 11:15 PM, as specified by the National Weather Service.

Authorities caution that up to four inches of rain have fallen in some areas, leading to potential rapid rises in creeks and streams. Motorists are advised to exercise caution when driving through flood-prone zones.

A mudslide along U.S. 60 in the Cedar Grove area has been reported. The inclement weather has prompted the closure of several Kanawha County schools, including DuPont Middle School, East Bank Middle School, and Riverside High School.

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