Live Conscious Product Reviews: Are Their Supplements Worth Buying?

Have you ever contemplated how your health and well-being encompass more than just physical fitness? It’s a common misconception that as long as our physical health is in top shape, we’re doing fine. However, the reality is far more holistic.

Enter Live Conscious, a prominent health supplement brand on a mission to challenge this belief by offering products that aim to enhance various facets of human life. In this article, we’ll delve into the brand’s ethos and offerings.

What is Live Conscious?

Live Conscious is a renowned American brand specializing in health products. Its primary goal is to create a healthier space where customers can continually improve all aspects of their health and wellness.

The founders of Live Conscious sought to adopt a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being, and thus, Live Conscious was born. This brand places a strong emphasis on using natural ingredients to address health issues. These ingredients are sourced ethically and subjected to rigorous clinical testing to ensure their efficacy and potency.

Moreover, all Live Conscious products boast robust scientific backing, and stringent quality control measures are implemented to prevent any adverse effects on your health.

Notably, Live Conscious has garnered a slew of positive reviews, further validating its commitment to delivering high-quality health supplements. If you’re inclined towards a more natural approach to addressing your health concerns, exploring Live Conscious is a worthwhile endeavor.

Brand Highlights:

Brand Name Live Conscious
Brand Category Health Supplements
Best-Sellers – Collagen Peptides
– MoveWell +
– OptiWell
– CoQWell
Side Effects None reported
Features – All-natural products
– GMO-free
– Third-party lab tested
– Manufactured in the USA
Pricing Starts from $18.99
Money-Back Guarantee 365 days, 100% money-back guarantee
Official Website

The Vision of Live Conscious

Live Conscious aspires to reconnect people with nature, advocating that natural remedies have solutions for ailments often overshadowed by scientific advancements. They firmly believe that nature’s solutions are not only holistic but also safe.

By incorporating natural health supplements, Live Conscious eliminates concerns about harmful stimulants or chemical additives affecting overall health. The brand also contributes to the betterment of the planet through a partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project, with plans to plant a million trees across the US.

Live Conscious has struck a chord with thousands of customers who resonate with this vision.

Best-Selling Products of Live Conscious

Now that we’ve delved into Live Conscious’s philosophy, let’s explore some of their top-selling products:

Live Conscious Collagen Peptides

Live Conscious Product Reviews: Are Their Supplements Worth Buying?

Designed to enhance nail and skin health, Collagen Peptides are crafted from hydrolyzed types I & III collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, grade A bovines. These collagen peptides are certified hormone-free and 100% non-GMO.

Expect improved hair growth, healthier nails, and a boost in overall health, as these peptides contain 19 different amino acids for enhanced collagen absorption. This product enjoys a 4.8-star rating and positive reviews, backed by third-party lab testing to ensure ingredient accuracy and purity.


  • One bag (monthly supply): $28.99
  • Popular package (two bags every two months): $26.99 each ($53.98)
  • Bulk package (four bags every four months): $22.99 each ($91.96)

Click to Order Collagen Peptides from the Official Website

Live Conscious CoQWell

Live Conscious Product Reviews: Are Their Supplements Worth Buying?

CoQWell is your trusted companion for heart health. This supplement has aided over 20,000 individuals with heart issues that conventional medicine couldn’t resolve. It contains patented and potent coenzyme Q10, a crucial antioxidant supporting heart health and immune function.

The CoQ10 in CoQWell bolsters the energy-intensive organs like the heart, effectively addressing cardiovascular concerns. It’s further enriched with essential vitamins A & E to boost immune function and counter vitamin deficiencies.


  • One bottle (two-month supply): $19.99
  • Three bottles (six-month supply): $17.99 each ($53.97)
  • Six bottles (twelve-month supply): $15.99 each ($95.94)

Click to Order CoQWell from the Official Website

Opting for the bulk package offers maximum savings, and you can cancel your subscription anytime when your health improves.

Live Conscious MoveWell +

Live Conscious Product Reviews: Are Their Supplements Worth Buying?

MoveWell + is expertly formulated to support healthy joints in older adults. It incorporates premium ingredients to reduce joint discomfort, enhance lubrication, and alleviate pain. This antioxidant blend also reduces oxidative stress around the joints, improving flexibility and strength.

Key ingredients include Antarctic Krill Oil, Astaxanthin, and Hyaluronic Acid, all extensively studied for their joint health benefits.


  • One bottle (monthly supply): $28.99
  • Three bottles (three-month supply): $25.99 each ($77.99)
  • Six bottles (six-month supply): $21.99 each ($131.94)

Click to Order MoveWell+ from the Official Website

Live Conscious OptiWell

Live Conscious Product Reviews: Are Their Supplements Worth Buying?

OptiWell gives other eye health supplements a run for their money. It addresses critical antioxidants for your eyes, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which shield your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by screens.

Formulated with a naturally-sourced lutein concentrate called XanMax, OptiWell delivers optimal doses of lutein and zeaxanthin to support visual focus, promote retinal blood flow, and reduce occasional eye tension.


  • One bottle (monthly supply): $22.99
  • Three bottles (three-month supply): $18.99 each ($56.97)
  • Six bottles (six-month supply): $14.99 each ($89.94)

Click to Order OptiWell from the Official Website

Payment Methods

Live Conscious accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. They also offer the convenience of using PayPal for secure online payments.

Shipping Methods

Live Conscious prioritizes timely and secure shipping through the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS offers various shipping options, including standard shipping, priority mail, and priority mail express.

Money-Back Guarantee

Live Conscious stands by its products with a robust 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You can try their supplements for an entire year, and if they don’t meet your expectations, you’re eligible for a full refund.

To initiate a refund:

  1. Contact Customer Service: Reach out to Live Conscious’s customer service department via the contact information on their website or product packaging.
  2. Ship Your Product Back: Follow the provided instructions to return the product. Ensure you include a copy of your receipt or order confirmation.
  3. Receive Your Refund: Once Live Conscious receives your returned product, they will process your refund, covering the product cost, taxes, and shipping fees. Expect to receive your refund within a few business days.

Is Live Conscious Worth It? – Pros and Cons

As with any brand, Live Conscious comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here’s a balanced assessment:

Pros of Live Conscious:

  • Rave Reviews: Live Conscious boasts stellar ratings and positive customer reviews, indicating product effectiveness and brand authenticity.
  • No Stimulants or GMOs: A commitment to purity and health is evident, as Live Conscious products steer clear of stimulants and GMOs, resulting in minimal to no side effects.

Cons of Live Conscious:

  • Online Availability Only: Currently, Live Conscious products are exclusively available online. While this provides access to substantial discounts, it may not suit those who prefer physical stores.

Contacting Live Conscious Support

Live Conscious offers various contact options for customer support:

  • Phone: Reach Live Conscious support at 1-866-949-7799, available Monday-Friday from 5 am-6 pm PST, Saturday from 7 am-4 pm PST, and Sunday from 7 am-11:30 am PST.
  • Email: For email inquiries, contact They aim to respond within 24 hours.
  • Live Chat: Live Conscious provides a live chat feature on their website for real-time assistance.

Subscription Details

Individual orders will only bill you for the products you order on a given day, with no automatic charges for additional items. This offers control over your purchases and budget.

For subscription orders, Live Conscious offers a convenient program for receiving products regularly. Your subscription will automatically process and ship every 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days, depending on your chosen interval. This ensures a consistent health routine. You can easily pause, return, or cancel your subscription by contacting Live Conscious customer service.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is Live Conscious?

  • Live Conscious is a well-known brand of health products based in the United States. Their primary mission is to enhance various aspects of human health and well-being using natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

2. Are Live Conscious products safe to use?

  • Yes, Live Conscious products are considered safe for consumption. They are made from all-natural ingredients, undergo rigorous third-party lab testing, and are free from GMOs and harmful stimulants.

3. Do Live Conscious products have any side effects?

  • No side effects have been reported for Live Conscious products. Their commitment to using natural ingredients and rigorous testing ensures product safety.

4. Can I find Live Conscious products in physical stores?

  • Currently, Live Conscious products are available exclusively online through their official website. This online availability allows customers to access substantial discounts.

5. Is there a money-back guarantee for Live Conscious products?

  • Yes, Live Conscious offers a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a full refund within one year of purchase.

6. How can I contact Live Conscious customer support?

  • You can reach Live Conscious customer support through multiple channels:
    • Phone: 1-866-949-7799 (Monday-Friday 5 am-6 pm PST, Saturday 7 am-4 pm PST, Sunday 7 am-11:30 am PST)
    • Email:
    • Live Chat: Available on their website for real-time assistance.

7. Can I cancel or modify my subscription with Live Conscious?

  • Yes, Live Conscious offers a convenient subscription program. You can easily pause, return, or cancel your subscription by contacting their customer service.

8. Are Live Conscious products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

  • Live Conscious offers a range of products, and some may be suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Check product labels and descriptions for specific dietary information.

9. Are Live Conscious products available for international shipping?

  • Live Conscious primarily serves customers in the United States. International shipping availability may vary, so it’s best to check their official website for the most up-to-date information on shipping locations.

10. Can I use multiple Live Conscious products together? – Yes, many customers use multiple Live Conscious products together to address different aspects of their health and wellness. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific health concerns or are unsure about product combinations.

Final Verdict on Live Conscious

Live Conscious stands out as a trustworthy brand. Embrace Live Conscious today and experience the holistic benefits it brings to your health.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This product review contains links that may result in a small commission if you choose to purchase the recommended product, at no extra cost to you. These commissions support our research and editorial team, and we only endorse high-quality products.

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