Mina Kimes' $1.7 Million ESPN Deal: What It Means for the Future of Sports Broadcasting

While many in the United States eagerly await the start of the new NFL season, some have chosen a different path, directing their attention to a prominent woman in the sport.

Mina Kimes, a top analyst at ESPN, recently secured a substantial new contract with the network. However, this development has sparked criticism on social media.

ESPN has faced backlash for offering Kimes a new deal, particularly at a time when the company has parted ways with other key employees. Nevertheless, Kimes herself has responded to her critics in a rather ingenious manner.

Initial reports indicate that Kimes’ new contract includes an annual salary of $1.7 million.

Nick Adams expressed his discontent on Twitter, stating, “ESPN just awarded a MASSIVE new contract to their ‘NFL analyst’ Mina Kimes.”

He continued, “Kimes has never set foot on a football field, yet she’ll be earning $1.7 million per year to discuss it on woke ESPN.”

“ESPN is no longer about sports; it’s all about promoting gender equity.”

However, Kimes delivered a perfect comeback that silenced the social media troll. She shared a video of herself punting a football with a simple two-word caption: “Cope harder.”

It’s important to note that Mina Kimes’ rise at ESPN was not an overnight success. She has been a part of the ESPN team since 2014 and has diligently worked to establish herself in a male-dominated field.

She hosts her own sports podcast and has consistently written in-depth features on key figures in the NFL.

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