Reality TV Star Paul Staehle Goes Missing in Amazon Jungle, Family Concerned

Concerns have arisen for the well-being of Paul Staehle, a participant from the reality show “90 Day Fiancé,” following a series of alarming text messages sent on August 31, 2023, and his subsequent disappearance.

Karine Martins, Paul’s partner, shared the distressing news on her Instagram page, revealing that neither she nor Paul’s family had been in contact with him for a significant period. Paul had initially sought love beyond his native Kentucky due to a string of unfortunate experiences in past relationships. He spoke about his motivations on “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” citing betrayals, unfaithful partners, and a turbulent dating history as his reasons for seeking love abroad.

Paul and Karine’s relationship had been marked by turmoil, including domestic abuse and infidelity scandals. Despite the challenges, they wed in Brazil in November 2017 and welcomed their son, Pierre, in March 2019. Paul had expressed his excitement and nervousness about fatherhood, emphasizing his commitment to being the best father possible. They later had a second child, Ethan, in February 2021, when Pierre was nearly two years old. Now, amidst growing concern, Paul has gone missing in the Amazon. Here’s what we know:

Is Paul Staehle Still Missing?

Yes, Paul Staehle is still missing. According to Karine, who was in the United States when he disappeared, there has been no communication from him since August 31, 2023.

On Thursday, Karine posted an emotional reel of photos featuring Paul and their children on her Instagram, accompanied by a cryptic caption written in the past tense: “💔 Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much. We will never forget you or the good memories we all shared.” She added a clarifying message on her Story, stating, “Paul went missing last night in Brazil. Prayers he is found safe.”

Karine further explained, “Hello, everyone. I can’t give much information because we don’t have anything concrete to tell. We are looking to find out where Paul is.” She mentioned the need to wait for a certain period before involving the authorities, emphasizing that the situation was not a joke and that she was in the dark until messages arrived with information.

Paul’s mother, Edna, informed TMZ that he had been traveling in Brazil since the end of July but had sent concerning texts. According to the reports, Paul had reached out to Edna, expressing the need for help and explaining that he was lost in the South American country. He had even provided contact information for individuals who might assist him, but he had since gone silent, with his phone seemingly off or out of battery.

Paul Staehle’s Text Messages

A friend shared screenshots of the text messages, with Edna’s permission. The messages are as follows, with Paul’s increasing desperation apparent:

  • Paul: I got lost
  • Edna: Who are you with and how did you get lost
  • Paul: I f—ked up, I f—ked up bad [sic]
  • Edna: You seem to not be being as careful and cautious as before. How? Can Izzy or Aunt help you? How did you F up? Who are you with?
  • Paul: Contact them I need help
  • Edna: Who? And why don’t you???
  • Paul: I am trying to
  • Edna: You need to NOW
  • Paul: I need a boat to get back
  • Edna: They can’t get you a boat, and why would you go there alone, that was very stupid
  • Paul: Mom, my phone will die, My GPS will go away [sic]
  • Edna: Call them now!!!
  • Paul: You, please
  • Edna: Who are you with?
  • Paul: Alone
  • Edna: Sorry I messaged you, bad timing again…
  • Paul: Call them I need a boat [location sharing ended]
  • Edna: Tried all those names, no answer, left messages.

The screenshots clearly show Edna’s attempts to reach her son, going unanswered and adding to her growing concern.

Notably, this is the second time Paul has gone missing. In July 2022, both he and his son Pierre were reported missing for a week before safely returning to Kentucky. Paul denied any wrongdoing, asserting that they had been on an extended work trip together.

Paul and Karine faced custody issues due to videos depicting their abusive relationship dating back to 2010. Consequently, they lost custody of their children to Child Protective Services, with Paul’s parents pursuing full custody. Although the couple initially separated when the videos came to light, they announced their reunion in April 2023.

Additionally, there is speculation about Karine’s pregnancy, as her Instagram Stories appeared to show her cradling a baby bump. However, it remains unclear whether these photos are recent or from the past.

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