Steve Scalise Discloses Diagnosis of a 'Highly Manageable Blood Cancer'

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a representative from Louisiana, has revealed that he has been diagnosed with a “very treatable blood cancer” and has already commenced his treatment regimen.

Scalise shared that he decided to have blood work done after feeling unlike himself for a few days during the previous week. The results of the tests revealed certain irregularities, prompting him to undergo further examinations. Subsequently, he received the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, which is categorized as a highly treatable form of blood cancer. Speaking on X, the former Twitter platform, he stated, “I have now begun treatment, which will be ongoing over the next several months.”

Despite his health situation, Scalise expressed his intention to remain active in his role as the House Majority Leader and continue his responsibilities in Washington while undergoing treatment. Hailing from Louisiana, Scalise is a well-respected and popular figure in the realm of politics. At the age of 51, he represents Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District and entered office in 2008 through a special election, taking over from Bobby Jindal who had just been elected governor.

Scalise’s initial foray into politics can be traced back to his time at Louisiana State University, where he achieved the distinction of being twice elected as the speaker of LSU’s Student Government Association. He subsequently served in Louisiana’s state Legislature for a span of 12 years before his election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

A pivotal moment in his career occurred in 2012 when he emerged victorious, becoming the chairman of the influential Republican Study Group. This victory was achieved against the backdrop of a contest against Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia, who had received unanimous recommendations from the group’s founders prior to the election.

The trajectory of Scalise’s career took a dramatic turn in June 2017 when he was subjected to a harrowing incident. During a congressional baseball team practice in Alexandria, Virginia, he was shot by a gunman. At the time, he was playing his usual position of second base. The assailant in that unfortunate event lost his life. This incident marked the beginning of a challenging journey to recovery for Scalise. He underwent multiple surgeries and received blood transfusions to address the injuries sustained from the bullet that struck his left hip and traversed his pelvis, leading to bone fractures, internal organ damage, and severe bleeding.

As the second-ranking Republican in the House, Scalise is a married individual with two children, contributing significantly to both his political responsibilities and his family life.

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