Bethenny Frankel Defends Choice to Feature Raquel Leviss in Post-Scandoval Interview on Podcast

Bethenny Frankel Defends Decision to Feature Raquel Leviss in Post-Scandoval Interview

Bethenny Frankel has come forward to address the controversy surrounding her recent podcast episode on “Just B with Bethenny Frankel,” where she welcomed Raquel Leviss, the embattled star of “Vanderpump Rules,” for an in-depth conversation. The former “Housewife” used her Instagram comments section to respond to critics following the surprise podcast release.

Frankel was quick to shut down a social media user who dismissed Leviss’s significance, writing, “Then don’t listen.” In a separate exchange, she engaged with another Instagram user criticizing Leviss for her involvement in an affair with Tom Sandoval during his relationship with Ariana Madix. Frankel responded that it was the individual’s “choice” to hold negative opinions about Leviss.

Bethenny Frankel Defends Choice to Feature Raquel Leviss in Post-Scandoval Interview on Podcast

The entrepreneur and creator of Skinnygirl also expressed her support for a favorable comment using hands-up emojis, backing the controversial interview. In this episode of “Just B with Bethenny Frankel,” Frankel provided Leviss with a safe platform to discuss her perspective on the affair and its aftermath.

One supporter of the interview emphasized that regardless of personal opinions, listeners had the “choice” to engage with Leviss’s story. Frankel’s podcast, which featured Leviss under her legal name, underscored the power of a woman’s voice and Leviss’s decision to share her side of the story for the first time. Leviss discussed her affair with Tom Sandoval, which was exposed in March.

While Leviss’s co-stars remained silent about the podcast, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and other cast members recently united for a charity event at SUR. Leviss, however, was not present at the gathering. As Season 11 of the show continued filming in various locations, Leviss’s absence was notable.

In the podcast episode, Leviss opened up about Season 10’s cheating scandal and her time in a mental health facility since the March reunion. She criticized Sandoval for recording an “intimate” FaceTime video that exposed their affair without her consent. Leviss also addressed her co-stars’ behaviors, referring to Ariana Madix’s actions during the reunion as “uncalled for” and dismissing Scheana Shay’s narrative that she was taken advantage of.

Notably, Bethenny Frankel has demonstrated support for Leviss since news of the affair emerged. The podcast episode serves as a significant platform for Leviss to share her perspective on the events and the subsequent fallout.

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