Riverdale Finale’s Deleted Scenes Reveal a Grim Fate for Several Characters

Caution: The following article contains spoilers related to the conclusive episode of Riverdale aired on Wednesday.

The closing chapter of Riverdale might not have tied up everyone’s storylines with a neat bow, but if you’re eager for the full picture, the answer lies in the deleted scenes awaiting your viewing.

In a move to indulge fans even further, The CW has unveiled an extended version of the series finale (now accessible for streaming on cwtv.com and the CW app). This extended cut includes several minutes of previously unreleased footage, some of which sheds light on the destinies of pivotal characters. The momentous revelation transpires as Betty and Jughead converse in the Dark Room. It’s here that Jughead discloses the eventual union of Cheryl and Toni, but the extended version offers a deeper glimpse. He adds a sorrowful note about Cheryl’s brother, Julian, who grapples with being “a lost soul” before meeting his demise in Vietnam. Jughead also imparts how Nana Rose’s existence undergoes multiple reincarnations, while the unexpected union of Principal Weatherbee and Archie’s English teacher, Miss Thornton, culminates in marriage.

However, the most shocking twist emerges when Jughead turns the spotlight on Sheriff Keller (Kevin’s father) and Uncle Frank (Archie’s relative), revealing their involvement in a secretive liaison. Jughead’s revelation continues to unfurl with the grim fate that befalls them – a fatal encounter with a hustler they encountered, who goes by the moniker Chic! This unexpected turn of events puts the spotlight back on Betty’s long-lost brother.

The extended edition doesn’t stop there. It grants us a touching scene where Betty grapples with reluctance to attend Cheryl’s farewell gathering, a last hurrah for the gang (“I don’t want to say goodbye”). Jughead’s persuasiveness prompts Betty to seize the moment, understanding that each passing instant holds significance. Additionally, a more extensive depiction of Old Betty’s final car journey to Riverdale is presented. She bids an emotional adieu to Sweetwater River, Riverdale High, and Pop’s diner, encapsulating her feelings with, “Goodbye, Riverdale. It was wonderful getting to grow up here.”

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